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2002 Competitions


Knockout Competitions

  1. You must give a phone number where you can readily be contacted. If there is no answering service or machine, say when you can be contacted. It is up to you to keep this information up to date.
  2. Fixture dates will be set for all matches. If you are unable to play on the date assigned, it is up to you to arrange an alternative date with your opponent.
  3. Cut-off dates will be set for each round of the competitions. These will not be extended except in case of long-term unavailability of the alley. Sufficient slack will be left in the timetable to allow matches to be rearranged in case of illness or injury.
  4. If you fail to turn up for a match, decline to play or cannot be contacted, you will be eliminated from the competition.

League Competition

  1. The League Competition is open to any club member who signs the entry form agreeing to these rules.
  2. Each competitor will play every other competitor twice during the calendar year.
  3. It is the responsibility of each competitor to complete his matches against each opponent or, if Rule 11 applies, a substitute.
  4. Matches will be played over seven legs and scored on chalks.
  5. Handicaps will be adjusted in the usual way after each league match.
  6. Two points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a lose.
  7. The winner will be the competitor with the most points at the end of the calendar year, regardless of whether all matches have been completed.
  8. If two or more competitors have the same number of points, the outcome will be decided on chalk difference (total chalks for minus total chalks against).
  9. If a competitor is unable or neglects to play his matches, he may be removed from the League. This will require the agreement of a majority of the other competitors, which must include any who have already played matches against him.
  10. When a competitor is removed from the League, the results of all matches he has played in will be annulled, but there will be no retrospective adjustment of handicaps.
  11. If a competitor remains in the league but is unable to play his matches or declines to play his opponent on more than two occasions or cannot be readily contacted, his opponent should play the match against a substitute player of his choice. The defaulting player will not be awarded any points or chalks for the match.
  12. A substitute player should have a similar handicap, but there will be an adjustment of one chalk for each point difference in handicap. For example, if the defaulting player had a handicap of 3 and his opponent played a handicap 1 player, a losing score of 2-3 would be taken as a win with a chalk difference of +1.
  13. The handicap of the substitute player will not be affected, nor will his league score if he is another competitor.

Paul Robinson
Match Secretary