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Field House Cup 1998/99 (Pairs Competition)
Winners: Mark Fawke and James Parry Jones
Results of final (click here)

The first match in this competition was played on Saturday 4th March, Mark and James winning by 40-29 against Guy and Ian McLaren.

A further 1 matches were played on Tuesday 9th May. Tom and Paul won 32-26 against Pete and Ian Cole. Steve Hutch and Jonathan set a score of 21 against pacesetters Guy and Mark.

The remaining match was played on Saturday 13th May when Steve Barnes and Lionel set a score of 33.

The outcome is thus:

Mark Fawke and James Parry Jones40
Steve Barnes and Lionel Trippett33
Paul Robinson and Tom Lederer32
Guy Tunnicliffe and Ian McLaren29
Peter Greene and Ian Cole26
Steve Hutchinson and Jonathan Bowker21

The semi-finals and finals were played on 10th June 2000. The semi-finals were seeded, the first and fourth placed playing each other and the second and third placed playing each other.

The results were:

Mark Fawke and James Parry JonesbeatGuy Tunnicliffe and Ian McLaren26-21
Steve Barnes and Lionel TrippettbeatPaul Robinson and Tom Lederer25-18
Mark Fawke and James Parry JonesbeatSteve Barnes and Lionel Trippett27-25