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Three Threes

Here are some video clips from a game at Norbury in November 2003. Unfortunately I can't remember who was playing.

Frame 1
The opening shot clears seven pins. Two fallen pins roll across and each nearly takes the left winger, which would have meant an eight-pin. The two standing pins are very difficult to get and the player "steps out for three". Play clip
Frame 2
The player was unlucky not to get seven pins down with this shot. The cheese veers off and just avoids hitting the back pin. The pins left standing are known as "The Novices". Play clip
The Novices should be easy to get... Play clip Doh! One pin left standing after two shots - that's a three.
Frame 3
This opening shot only gets four pins down, but it's a tidy leave. Play clip
Here the leading pin just clips the winger, which rocks a couple of times before falling over. Again, it's a tidy leave. Play clip
This time the three pins are taken cleanly - for a three. Play clip