Christmas Handicap

The entry fee will be 3.00 per person and the prizes will be gift vouchers at the nearest reputable wine merchants to the value of 20.00 first prize and 10.00 second prize.

Traditionally the first pint of beer is free to all members.

Each member entering will be expected to play seven frames, after which their score wil be assessed according to match points and their handicap will be added to give their total.

Once all the first round matches are complete, no further entries will be allowed.

The two players with the best score will then play off for the prizes. (Should the number of entries received be such that the competition cannot be completed in one evening, the Committee may decide to reduce the number of frames to five).

In the event of a tie, if time permits, there will be a play-off over a further seven frames.

If time is not available, the player with the most floorers in the first instance, eight pins in the second and straight twos in the third instance will be awarded first prize.