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Tuesday July 19th NEW(ish)
Skittles Gallery
Pictures from the Norbury Christmas Dinner

Thoughts on beer and skittles
Posted on Monday, 27 April 2009 @ 22:58 BST
Topic: London Skittles
The old geezer with the red face in all the photographs, the one holding the Championship trophy was slightly embarrassed.

He had a wonderful week being bought lunch by former colleagues and driven to Norbury for a possible final fling, not to mention the genuine hospitality and friendship in the Hampstead alley.

He was also very happy at meeting with an old friend, Arthur Taylor, who had visited the alley with Lionel Trippett some thirty years before in 1978.

He was struck by a comment made by a member that referred to the importance of the club, not just as a place where men and boys went and played, and sometimes drank beer, but as a place that held a special place in their lives....a lodestone.

A place where different people went and enjoyed time together...as had always been the case.

Men opened up and told fellow men about themselves and their concerns.

So it is that we know each other.

I have always enjoyed being able to talk, not on the stroke, but generally and honestly to my fellow skittlers, fellows who enjoy a unique pastime.

One that includes great skill and experience and enormous enjoyment.

We value that which we continue to have, and hopefully will continue to use and enjoy.

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