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Western Skittles


Eastville & District Front First Skittles League


East Cornwall Skittles League


Newton Abbot & District Skittles League

The site includes this page which gives a good overview of how Western Skittles is played.

Totnes Skittles League


Dorchester & District Skittles League

Weymouth & Portland Skittle League


Cirencester & District Men's Skittle League

Tewkesbury & District Skittles League

Berkeley & District Skittles League

The Geordies

The Cheltenham Skittles League

Cybernetics Skittles Club

Stroud and District Skittles League

Cheltenham Area Civil Service Sports Association Skittles Club


The Tattibogoes

Hereford & District Invitation Skittle League
Links to other teams in the league.


ABM Skittles Club


Stoke and District Thursday Night Skittle League
(that's Stoke-Sub-Hamdon not on-Trent, which is why it's under Somerset)


The Dabhands Skittles Team from Weston-super-Mare

Central Skittles League from Weston-super-Mare


The Official Worcester Friendly League Website

Evesham Skittles League


Sarnia Skittles Club

South Wales

Llanharan RFC Skittles

Whitchurch & District Cardiff Skittles League

Table Skittles


Leicester Mixed Midsummer Table Skittles League

Irish Skittles


Irish Skittles
Yes, they play a skittles game in Ireland.This site doesn't seem to be maintained but the "history" and "how to play" sections are interesting. It looks as though the term "skittle" refers to both the projectiles ("throwers") and the pins ("standers"). Five skittles stand inside a ring and you have to knock them out of the ring - not just knock them over.

Les Quilles


Les Quilles de 9 (English language version)
It's skittles, Jim, but not as we know it.
Take a look at this excellent site. It describes the game with the aid of diagrams and short video clips. The game looks devilishly complicated and I still don't understand it, but it's not for want of trying on their part. There are also links to other forms of French Skittles.

Les Bitlles Catalanes


Les Bitlles Catalanes (translated from Catalan by Google)
They play skittles in Catalonia too.

Skittles History

History of Traditional Games
James Masters' site - the definitive traditional games site.

Skittles Weekends

The Shoot Out Club
An organisation that promises the ultimate skittles weekend experience...

Skittles Products

Midland Leisure Sales
Hire and sale of Skittles Alleys in the West Midlands area.

The Portable Skittle Alley Company
Manufacture, sales and hire of skittle alleys. Suppliers of skittle accessories and traditional pub games.

The Skittle Alley Company
Hire and sales of portable skittle alleys.

Related Games

Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it... Images of traditional British pub games - an excellent blog by Mark Shirley

Masters Traditional Games
A variety of traditional games can be bought online from this site including Gloucester style Skittles, Hood Skittles and a portable skittles alley. There is also a free "Traditional Game Rules" service.

An independent guide to London's pubs including our own Freemasons Arms.

CAMRA online pub guide

Good Causes

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Anyone who has lost someone to pancreatic cancer, and many London Skittlers will remember Bill Evenden of Norbury Skittle Club, will be pleased to know that there is now a charity dedicated to redressing the scandalous underfunding of research into this disease.

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